SLDP launches FAQ handbook on IHL, in English and Arabic, for humanitarian workers

SLDP, supported by GOAL/NGO Forum, developed a handbook in Arabic and English for humanitarian workers in Syria, offering answers to 21 frequently asked questions regarding International Humanitarian Law in the Syrian context.

This handbook frames practical, contextualized answers to common questions that arise regarding International Humanitarian Law (IHL) for humanitarian workers in Syria. These questions cover the application of humanitarian principles and maintaining a principled humanitarian approach, such as during engagement with armed actors.

This project was sparked by continuous, common questions that arose during SLDP’s various trainings with humanitarian workers in Syria on IHL. To compile and refine the questions in the book, SLDP conducted a number of consultations with various humanitarian organizations and actors to verify the most pressing areas of contention or misunderstanding regarding IHL in the Syrian context. Examples include, "Why is IHL relevant in Syria?”, "Why should we use laws and principles put in place by the West when we have Islamic Sharia?", and "How can NGOs still adhere to the `independence` principle if their funding sources come from certain states with certain agendas?"

The questions in this handbook are questions that were compiled from a number of sources, including from Syrians who are new to the humanitarian field, and reflect questions that may have been addressed to humanitarian workers by a variety of Syrian stakeholders. The questions reflect the main issues considered to be vital, practical, and controversial.

Explaining reasonable, easily comprehensible answers to these questions, the handbook is short and to the point, conflict-sensitive and contextualised to the Syrian situation, and realistic for humanitarian workers in Syria who must deal with the complexities of working inside the country. Its content is legally accurate, confirmed by experts, and up to international standards.

For the English version, please download here

For the Arabic version, please download here

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