SLDP participates in “Durable Solutions for displaced Syrians: Perspectives from Civil Society” conf

SLDP’s Director, Ibrahim Olabi, was a panellist at the “Durable Solutions for displaced Syrians: Perspectives from Civil Society” on November 29, 2018 in Amman organized by the Durable Solutions Platform. The conference focused on the future of Syria in terms of transition, reconstruction and return; in addition to Syrian refugees in the region and their prospects.

The conference gathered more than 80 members of Syrian civil society, researchers, experts and practitioners from the region in addition to regional and international stakeholders such as organisations, donors, state representatives and academics.

SLDP provided a presentation on issues around reconstruction, Justice, Housing Land and Property rights, and Law No. 10 within “The future of Syria: transition, reconstruction and return” panel. Key points raised focused on the role businesses, including Jordanian businesses, i

n not contributing to crimes committed in Syria or supporting the war criminals that committed them. It also shed light on the importance of not allowing the rhetoric of reconstruction take away from need for accountability and justice.

The conference was hosted by the Durable Solutions Platform (DSP), an initiative set up by Danish Refugee Council, International Rescue Committee, and Norwegian Refugee Council in 2016 aiming to generate evidence and promote informed discussions on long-term solutions for displaced Syrians in the region.

Participating on this panel was a part of SLDP continuous advocacy with various stakeholders around human rights and business issues in the Syria context.

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