Online seminar: legal principles of the International Law to pursue businesses involved in crimes in

The Human Rights and Business Unit within the Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP) held an online seminar on the 18th of July 2018, on legal principles of the International Law to pursue businesses involved directly or indirectly in crimes in Syria. This seminar showcased previous cases in international courts about this issue, and applied lessons learned to the Syrian context. The seminar also provided the opportunity for a question and answer session.

The seminar was conducted during a time where some States and international players try to change the rhetoric about what is happening in Syria from a crime scene to a fertile ground for investment in reconstruction. As the marketed reconstruction in Syria happens in cooperation with the Syrian Regime, which is considered according to international human rights reports to be the biggest perpetrator of international crimes, businesses working in areas where crimes such as forced displacement occurred or are collaborating with people accused of committing crimes are exposed to legal prosecution. In addition, the relationship between crimes and businesses and businesspeople is not one that has been established recently in relation to reconstruction, but one that has been present and played a major role since the beginning of crimes in Syria.

The Seminar was presented by Ibrahim Olabi, Director of the Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP) and was attended by about 30 people from Syrian legal, humanitarian and media organisations, in addition to activists in these aspects.

This seminar is considered part of a series of seminars and activities organised by the Human Rights and Business Unit within (SLDP).

The Syrian Legal Development Programme is a Non- Government Organisation registered in the UK and specialised in International Law and the Syrian conflict. Since 2014, SLDP has been working on numerous human rights and legal projects in the fields of capacity building, consultancy and advocacy.

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